The Re-Engagement Project. Update #3: Manage Subscription Section.
The Ultimate Guitar team has created a 'Manage Subscription' section that not only allows customers to view and manage their subscription, but also provides an in-app channel through which to run re-engagement experiments. These re-engagement experiments will focus primarily on creating personalized offers to reduce churn.This presentation describes the general purpose and logic of the Manage Subscription section and two scenarios that were implemented and tested earlier this week.
The Brand New Section
The 'Manage Subscription' section is located in the customer profile and includes information about their subscription. In the section, customers can edit their subscription - upgrade or cancel - or get tips on how to save on their plan.
Monthly vs. Yearly
Out of our multiple plan options, 95% of Ultimate Guitar customers choose the annual plan. We noticed that users with a yearly subscription are more engaged and spend more time in the app. More sessions meant that they spent more time playing guitar. With more time playing, they were achieved greater results and gained more satisfaction.
A yearly payment also helps customers to save money on their subscription, something that we emphasize in the Manage Subscription section.

Customers with a monthly subscription have an option in the new section to switch to an annual plan.
Special Offers
One of the goals of our previous experiments was to understand users' reasons for canceling their subscription, and then use this information in the future to create more relevant promotional offers. We will continue to use an interactive chat to offer these promotions because we found that this was a more effective tactic than using a static page. For a customer who says that the subscription is "too expensive", we offer a special price within the chat. For a user who says she "found a better service" or is "not sure if I need this service," we offer an extra free month to continue exploring Pro features.
Edit subscription page
Cancelation process ('too expensive' option)
Cancelation process ('found a better service' option)
'Retaining and winning back subscribers' team
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