Spotify x Ultimate Guitar
Ideas to bring together the largest subscription music streaming service and the largest community of musicians online
Ultimate Guitar is the largest platform for musicians all over the world with 1.4M tabs and chords in their catalog and over 250M visitors per year. We help millions of people reach their dream of picking up a guitar and playing their favorite songs. Our big goal is to have one billion musicians worldwide.
Spotify created a platform for music lovers all over the world and revolutionized the way we listen to songs. The same way your team affected the music world, Ultimate Guitar shaped how musicians learn to play songs with, tabs, and chords.

It seems only natural for two services to unite their communities and provide additional value to their services.
Spotify + Ultimate Guitar Bundle
Spotify is always working on adding even more value to their subscription and partner with other services to provide users with additional content.

Ultimate Guitar gives your users more music
Song for any taste
Get unlimited access to 1.4M tabs and chords
Official tabs
Jam with over 15,000 HQ interactive tabs with backing tracks, chords, synchronized lyrics and Tonebridge presets
Record short videos, show off your skills and get fans all over the world
Spotify Playlists Import
Ultimate Guitar is the largest catalog of tabs and chords, and we have versions for almost a million songs. To make it easier for Spotify users to find their favorite songs in the catalog, we can suggest them to import their Spotify playlists into our service. This way, all musicians who are using Spotify free or premium will automatically have the best version of their Liked songs in the Ultimate Guitar app.
The catalog updates with over 400 new tabs and chords daily, therefore users will get notifications if there is a previously missing song is published on Ultimate Guitar.
Musician preferences
Ultimate Guitar application has around 500,000 installations monthly on iOS and Android. During an onboarding process, we ask musicians to choose their favorite music genres, songs, and guitar playing level. This information may be valuable for the Spotify team and its recommendation system.
Sign in with Spotify
Ultimate Guitar provides users with a feature to listen to tracks to refresh their memory or use them as backing tracks. For users with Spotify Premium, your service can be a default option to play songs, which, in turn, will bring you more streams.
Project team
Michael Trutnev
Sasha Smirnova
Head of Partnerships