CoreML & VisionKit
One of the goals of Ultimate Guitar is to keep the app updated with the latest technologies
After the WWDC announcements, we made our action plan for the second half of 2019. This year, we're planning to experiment with Catalyst, Metal, ARKit, VisionKit, CoreML, RealityKit, SiriKit, and Sign in with Apple
Ultimate Guitar products have been in the AppStore for the past nine years and our today's flagship app boasts 300K DAU. The app is regularly featured on the App Store's homepage as well as in musician-themed collections.
In our application, there are Shots - short, less than a minute videos in which users play songs with our tabs. Recently, this feature has become quite popular among users (it's kind of like an open microphone for musicians all over the world).
Unfortunately, some users have started uploading inappropriate content.
We plan to use CoreML to recognize inappropriate user-generated content.
All tabs that are submitted to our website go through several moderator checks to make sure they are correct. This allows us to keep our largest catalog of tabs in the world (1.5+ million tabs) nice and clean. However, some users have their own tabs (for the original songs, songs by local bands, or some covers). Some of these tabs are kept in printed form only. For example, some guitarists carry a pack of printed tabs right in his guitar case.
We want to digitize personal archives. In other words, we want to provide users with an opportunity to transfer their tabs to our app. They will be able to use all features that we have - autoscroll, font size, chords diagram display, synchronization between different devices, etc. In order to implement this idea, we plan to use VisionKIt.
Project team
Timur Gavrilov
Chief Product Officer
Maxim –°histyakov
Chief Technology Officer
Sasha Smirnova
Project Owner