Day 1
The Force Awakens:
Discuss the Strategy with your team
What's the point?
As the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan once said: "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

We need to work in a team to implement the ideas from the Strategy. Remember, Seasons are a chance for you to influence the product. It is not just about introducing useful features to the product but defining what new functionality exactly the users will see this year. It is a real chance to have your part in music industry.
Key Result

Day 1:
questions about the Strategy are prepared for the meeting with the R-team and published on the team's page in Confluence.

Day 2:
the team's annual goals are defined and their drafts are published.
By taking the active role in the discussion, you'll be able to directly influence the product. It's time to make the History together!
— advice from Maria Protasova