Day 1
The Chamber of secrets:
R-Team meets Team Leads
Team leads should have a clear understanding of the Strategy to effectively broadcast the ideas of the document to their teams. The purpose of this discussion is to answer all the Team Leads' questions after the first reading of the Strategy.
What's the point?
One of the main tasks of a Team Lead is to broadcast the ideas of the Strategy to the members of their team during all three days of the Seasons. R-Team panel will answer the questions a Team Lead might have about the Strategy to ensure they understand the Strategy to the fullest.

Important note:

  • Team Leads need to submi their questions about the Strategy to the specific page in Confluence. Questions will be discussed on the panel only if they were submitted before 11:20 a.m.
Your questions shouldn't be about what to do and how to do it. Your questions should help you understand the Strategy to broadcast it to your team.
— Advice from Oleg Kashtalyan
Eugeny Naidenov, Founder
Mikhail Trutnev, CEO
Oleg Kashtalyan, CPO
Team Leads
Timur Gavrilov
Dmitriy Kretov
Dmitry Maslennikov
Alexey Oliferchik
David Mandelshtam
Anton Krohmaluyk
Anatoly Osokin
Mikhail Kudryavk
Maksim Chistyakov
Dmitry Shashkin
Sasha Smirnova
Yulia Drozd
Anastasia Shalabanova
Sergei Larin
Tatyana Naidenova
Viktor Selukov