The Re-Engagement Project. The Second Round of Experiments.
Scenario #1
The Goal
The long-term goal of this experiment is to engage non-subscribers by sending push notifications, emails and in-app messages. The purpose of this iteration was to evaluate the efficacy of offering promotions in chats. The offer was shown to users during the first app session after they canceled the auto-renew.
Customers, who canceled the auto-renew during a free trial period, received an in-app alert which took them to an interactive chat. In the chat, there were two promotional offers based on a subscription plan they used to have.
- "1 free month plus $5 OFF" for yearly subscribers;
- "1 free month plus 50% OFF" for monthly subscribers.
After a short period of testing such an approach, we saw 82% of users going from an in-app alert to a chat and 6.3% of these users accepting the promo offer.

Interactive chat, as it is shown on screenshots below, re-engages customers 3 times better than a sales page with a promotional offer.
Scenario #2
The Goal
The long-term goal of this experiment is to create a "manage subscription" section within the app in which we can offer promotions during the cancelation process. The goal of this iteration was to understand users' reasons for canceling the subscription in order to create more relevant promotional offers in the future.
For users from the experiment above, we followed up with a one question survey to understand why they originally canceled their subscription.
The majority of users - 60% - cancel their subscription because it is 'too expensive'. 15% state that they don't need Pro features and 25% of cancellations have specific or personal reasons. The results of this preliminary survey helped us to form a basis for a survey that is going to be implemented on the 'Manage Subscription' page.
'Manage Subscription' Section
Our next experiment is about creating the 'Manage Subscription' section within the app.

The main page of this section will include information about the user's current subscription plan and the most popular Pro subscription features.

The cancelation process will be managed through an interactive chat as it proved its advantages over a simple page.

Promotional offers will be based on the insights from our previous experiment with a survey about cancelation reasons.

More information about user scenarios, cancelation options and promotional offers in the next presentation.

'Retaining and winning back subscribers' team
Sasha Smirnova
Product Owner
Jonathan Kehl
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