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Introducing 'Shots'
Record your guitar progress and get feedback from the largest guitarist community online.
Guitarist's struggles
There are two struggles guitarists face while learning how to play guitar.

The first one awaits them at the very beginning when they have doubts about the difficulty of the learning process. They take the guitar for the first time and don't know where to start and if it's worth to spend their time learning. Watching other guitarists overcome this barrier may help beginners through the learning process.

Being an advanced guitarist is not easier than being a beginner. Here you face your second struggle - motivation to level up your skills and continue playing the guitar. Although experienced guitarists are able to play songs by ear, they also want to be heard and get recognition from fellow musicians.

Knowing the biggest guitarists struggles from its 20-year experience of working with guitarist community, Ultimate Guitar created a tool for all guitarists to keep them motivated.
On December 19th, Ultimate Guitar released a brand new feature in the Tabs app. We implemented 'Shots' - short videos recorded by guitarists all over the world and shared with the largest community of guitarists online.
'Shots' were created to inspire guitarists regardless of their guitar skills. Pros can use this platform to promote themselves, intermediate guitarists to discover new songs to play, and total beginners to get inspiration from more skilled guitarists and keep track of their own progress.
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